Touchpoint creation


Both online and offline, creative and consistent touchpoints are key to connect with your audience and make a lasting impact. We draw attention with eye-catching print, packaging and points of sale, augment your online presence with dynamic websites, webshops and digital templates, and create unique commercial spaces that get noticed. Visual and verbal content and consistency are crucial to make a strong impression. Count on Equals Three to strike the perfect balance every time.

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Stationery & print

Do you want to establish a consistent and memorable presence in the physical world for your brand? We design and create stationery, business cards, brochures and other print materials that capture your identity and convey your message. From creative design and content development to production and distribution, we make sure your print enhances brand recognition, engages customers, and drives loyalty and growth.

Packaging & POS

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Packaging and points of sale are often the first touchpoints through which your customers come in contact with you. Equals Three has the necessary expertise and skills to create compelling packaging and POS experiences that elevate your brand, capture the attention of your audience and drive conversions - both in retail and digital environments.

Websites & webshops

Websites and webshops are the cornerstones of your online presence. They are essential channels to inform and engage your customers and sell your products and services online. We carefully plan, design, develop and optimize your website, with user experience, brand consistency and content quality in mind. This way, we make sure that it effectively communicates your message, drives your sales and helps you stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Digital templates

Digital templates for social media, presentations, email campaigns, … are crucial assets in ensuring brand consistency in design and messaging. On top of this, they save valuable time by streamlining the content creation process. Let us empower you to effectively produce creative content that is on-brand and resonates with your target audience across all of your online touchpoints. Of course, we are happy to assist you with content creation as well.

Commercial space design

From improving brand awareness to engaging with potential customers, the strategic orchestration of commercial spaces can have a huge impact for your company. Count on Equals Three to meticulously plan your layouts and create striking designs and content, to make a lasting impression and give you a competitive edge in any showroom, exhibition booth, or other commercial space.

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Every project is different. By combining your business knowledge with our skills and methodology, we can make it truly special.

MM Antverpia

Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints / Activation

What if Antwerp’s grandeur could be captured in a bottle? We developed a stately branding, bottle and packaging for MM’s three refined distillates: Gin 1501, Amaretto 1905 and Pastis 1794, honoring the city’s heritage, atmosphere and friendships.


Strategy / Branding / Touchpoints

Encon helps companies grow in a sustainable way. Equals Three rebranded Encon and created a detailed set of content formats to communicate clearly on complex topics, with several nods to their rebellious side.


Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints / Activation

A brand of skincare oils and products that wants to lift the taboo on intimate skincare? Count us in! Together with Shinncare, we created a unique brand that emits reliability, accessibility, and confidence.


Strategy / Branding / Touchpoints

Before we got to know Wilfred, he was called FlexIP. The company’s promise – an approachable network partner that listens to you, asks the right questions and clears all your technological obstacles – was the same as it is today. But this didn’t translate into their brand. Luckily, that’s where we shine.

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The Equals Three approach to touchpoint creation

Thierry Desmet CEO of Valor Services Group
Equals Three are mind readers. They bring all stakeholders to the table, ask a lot of questions, challenge, and deliver a beautiful result. With our rebranding, they brought our company to life exactly as we wanted - even better. I’m grateful for this collaboration.

Do you want touchpoints that make a lasting impact on your audience? We’d love to hear about your challenges and discuss a feasible and effective approach.

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