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Semi industrial bakery

This semi industrial/artisanal bakery once started as a small business, but expanded their activities through both internal sales points as well as B2B sales (minor part).

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Consumer goods brand

This distributor specializes in a niche sector, producing internal developed products. The production is externalized to many suppliers, based on the expertise available. Sales are done in more than 40 countries.

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Wall specialist

This construction company particularly focus on renovation & restoration of building’s outside walls. Both direct B2C sales as B2B sales are executed within their team.

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Retail delicacies shop

This delicacies shop the ambition to grow into a national concept. The combination of product & customer knowledge makes them stand out of the crowd.

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Bike shop

This well known regional bike shop focuses to sell only a few different brands. Given the personal situation, the real estate owned will be part of the deal.

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