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Every project is different. By combining your business knowledge with our skills and methodology, we can make it truly special. But don’t take our word for it. Discover how we made growth count for the past eleven years.


Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints

Founded on the belief that they can do better for pets, parents, and the planet, Fantail combines the vision of experienced designers with extensive consumer research to create stylish, functional, and sustainable products. Equals Three has been a long-standing innovation and design partner of Fantail since 2021.

Growth Loop

Nano Clics

Strategy / Branding / Products

Introducing Nano Clics: Bigger creativity in a smaller package! With this product extension, Clics is poised to continue growing its market share, inviting a whole new generation of builders to experience the imaginative world of Clics construction play. Equals Three proudly partnered with Clics throughout the entire innovation process, from concept exploration to designing components, crafting a world of different collections, and developing packaging layouts.

Loop Earplugs

Strategy / Products

From nightlife and events to noise sensitivity, Loop Earplugs improve your experiences by reducing the noise but keeping the quality. On top of this, they pair functionality with design. No wonder the whole world seems to be in love with them! Equals Three developed and designed the Loop Link accessory. Read all about it here.


Strategy / Branding / Touchpoints

Encon helps companies grow in a sustainable way. Equals Three rebranded Encon and created a detailed set of content formats to communicate clearly on complex topics, with several nods to their rebellious side.

MM Antverpia

Strategy / Branding / Products / Touchpoints / Activation

What if Antwerp’s grandeur could be captured in a bottle? We developed a stately branding, bottle and packaging for MM’s three refined distillates: Gin 1501, Amaretto 1905 and Pastis 1794, honoring the city’s heritage, atmosphere and friendships.

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Different ways of growing together

Myriam De Brucker CEO of DBP & Amuse
"Equals Three listens carefully to each briefing, dares to challenge us with well-founded arguments and delivers results that are usually better than what we had in mind. Our collaboration has undoubtedly been foundational to the growth of our brands for the past 7 years."
Robrecht Van Velthoven Product Manager at Loop Earplugs
"Equals Three helped us with the development of a new accessory. They challenged the initial product idea, verified it through customer insights and showed the necessary engineering and design power to translate it into a manufacturable product. We are very excited to see this product go to market."
Nathan Rosenberg Founder of Pomton
“From our rebranding and packaging to our website, a tv-campaign and more, Equals Three was able to come up with unique and commercially attractive designs and touchpoints in a crowded market. I am sure we will be working together fruitfully in the future."
Philippe Teurlings CEO of Doomoo
“We’ve been working closely together with Equals Three for over 10 years. They accompanied us through our rebranding and help us grow through product development, communication… every day. They are a true partner that we are happy to have at our side!"
Thierry Desmet CEO of Valor Services Group
“Equals Three are mind readers. They bring all stakeholders to the table, ask a lot of questions and deliver a beautiful result. With our rebranding, they brought our company to life exactly as we wanted - even better."

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At Equals Three, we take both our clients and our team to the next level and always make sure that every action results in a greater value than the sum of its parts. Read all about who we are and why we do what we do.

Read all about who we are and why we do what we do.


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