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Growth might be a goal, but it’s not the destination. So where do you want to take your company next? And how can you get there the fastest? Innovation and design will help you answer these questions and more. First, we research your business and its context, line up possible stations on your company’s journey, and help you choose the right ones. Next, we develop brands, products and touchpoints that help you get there.

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Innovation & design

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Every project is different. By combining your business knowledge with our skills and methodology, we can make it truly special. But don’t take our word for it. Discover how we made growth count through innovation and design for the past 10 years.


Innovation & design

A brand of skincare oils and products that wants to lift the taboo on intimate skincare? Count us in! Together with Shinn, we created a unique brand that emits reliability, accessibility, and confidence.

Strategy / Brand design / Product development / Touchpoint creation

MM Antverpia

Innovation & design

What if Antwerp’s grandeur could be captured in a bottle? We developed a stately branding, bottle and packaging for MM’s three refined distillates: Gin 1501, Amaretto 1905 and Pastis 1794, honoring the city’s heritage, atmosphere and friendships.

Strategy / Brand design / Product development / Touchpoint creation


Innovation & design

De Geus, a premium bicycle store in Antwerp, recently rolled out a leasing program tailored to SMEs. We worked with De Geus to extend their current branding to this fresh new service: Veloplan.

Strategy / Brand design / Product development / Touchpoint creation


Innovation & design

Preparing a salad? Bringing lunch? Freezing leftovers? Admit it, storage boxes and sets are all too often lifesavers. Within the highly competitive food preservation market we have been supporting Amuse in their growth towards a lifestyle consumer brand.

Growth Loop
Strategy / Brand design / Product development / Touchpoint creation

Brain Embassy

Innovation & design

Shaping a growing global co-working brand towards a successful future, rethinking their core value proposition and identity: “We create environments that bring people & experiences together to grow companies and personal wellbeing.”

Growth Loop
Strategy / Brand design / Touchpoint creation
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Julian Bunge Founder of Maison Macolat
"Equals Three poured their heart into our brand and packaging, and blew us away. Innovation is truly at their core and they helped us create something fresh in the traditional chocolate space. I would highly recommend them to any company that is looking to innovate in a new space or stand out in a crowded market."


Why should your business invest in innovation?

Innovation helps your business rise to various challenges. This makes it a powerful tool to achieve a competitive advantage and growth. If you don’t innovate, your business will not just lose its relevance and potential for growth, but also its appeal to current and future employees. This doesn’t mean that you need to keep making radical changes; innovation can also lie in smaller optimizations. Once your ideas are fully formed, design processes make them tangible.

What is the value of good design for your company?

Companies with an attractive brand and product offering score faster with their target audience. Businesses that extend their branding consistently across communication channels have an even bigger advantage. Still, design alone doesn’t guarantee long-term success; good design is more than just the visual aspect. Besides a good first impression, many other aspects such as relevance, user experience, and durability play a crucial role in how your customer perceives your offer. The design process contributes to better business results by addressing these aspects.

How long does an innovation or design trajectory take?

Although innovation and design are not exact sciences, a grounded methodology helps us to make design trajectories more efficient and produce results within a predetermined time frame. The duration of these trajectories always depends on the size and complexity of the challenge and the number of stakeholders involved. A good collaboration starts with good agreements about deadlines, budgets, expectations… As soon as these are clear to everyone, your design trajectory usually takes several weeks to several months. If different processes are combined (e.g. like in the Equals Three Growth Loop), the lead time usually extends to a year or more. During these long-term collaborations, we work step by step toward achieving project goals as well as launching new challenges that will contribute to your overall business success.

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